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Hobie's human companions, Michael and Annie Flaud were the first Hobie Award winners in 2014. 

Hobie came to his forever home as a stray when he was six months old in 2004. He was an energetic puppy full of love and life. He had the kindest eyes, most gentle disposition and he always wanted to be around people. Hobie instantly became one of the family, taking on the many roles of best friend, protector, consoler and personal trainer. 

Almost immediately he began going for jogs with his human companion. He loved being outdoors jogging, walking, playing or just sitting for hours and observing all of the neighborhood happenings. One of his greatest outdoor accomplishments was an eight-hour, round-trip hike to the top of Mount Marcy, the tallest peak in New York State. 

Hobie was also a participant in the first annual Gulliver’s Run event in 2013. He loved running the trail, made a canine friend along the way, assisted his human companion in placing first in her age group and participated in the blessing of the animals. He was a rock star that day as Hobie had already begun to fight for his life. Less than two weeks following the event he was diagnosed with stage 4 Lymphoma. 

He was treated at Pet Emergency Treatment Services, Inc. in Lancaster, Pa. by an internal medicine veterinarian. He was fortunate in that he had minimal complications with the medications, and, while some days were better than others, the majority of the days were good days. Hobie enjoyed his visits to PETS as he loved the car rides and he quickly learned that flirting with the staff got him a lot of treats. 

For several months following the start of treatment Hobie continued to go for jogs. The jogs eventually turned into regular walks as he would tire more quickly, but his spirits were good; he was spunky and showed no signs of distress. No doubt, he was a fighter. He continued to walk up until two days before he passed on September 3, 2014, after nine months of treatment and at the age of 10½. He is sorely missed by his family and will forever hold a special place in their hearts.

Gulliver’s story was inspiration for Hobie’s family. It provided them with a sense of hope and a perspective on the future that resulted in an additional nine wonderful months together. Please help to raise awareness for canine cancer by sharing your stories. Your experience may just be the much needed hope and perspective someone in a similar situation is looking for.


The Hobie Award is presented to the family whose battle against canine cancer best exemplifies the spirit of "Gulliver's Run." We care and hope that by sharing our stories, we can give and receive support and knowledge and raise awareness that leads to cures and increased longevity and quality of life for our canine companions. By sharing your story, you will be a valuable contributor and may be selected as the 2019 HOBIE AWARD winner. 

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